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Basics of Vedic Astrology by Anil Astrologer

Vedic Astrology is the study of how planets’ movements affect lives on Earth. Astrology is closely associated with Astronomy, as astrology depends on the planets’ positions at any given time, along with the zodiacal fixed star sign. Let us discuss some basics of Vedic astrology that are made available by Anil Astrologer

Understand Some Basic Concepts of Vedic Astrology

In relation to the Earth, astrologers observe the positions of certain celestial bodies and certain points in the universe and the correspondence between the relative positions and events occurring on Earth. Although the correspondences were ancient scientists’ early experimental findings, we have many modern scientific experiments that could verify and confirm earlier findings.

Modern findings, however, do not necessarily support the fact that celestial bodies affect Earth’s lives or cause events to occur. However, they say that certain bodies’ positions or groupings in relation to Earth correspond to certain events on Earth.

Hindu astrologers have developed a rational procedure to make observations in terms of correspondence with events occurring on Earth. These events are physical and psychological.

This procedure is based on factors such as The Zodiac, Asterisms, Planets, etc. Let’s look at some of them briefly.

The Zodiac

The Zodiacs are a fixed background or plane of reference used by the astrologers to work the positions and groupings in a detailed and precise manner. The Zodiacal Circle and the Ecliptic share the same plane, which is known to be the approximate path of revolution of the Earth and other planets around the Sun. This is why the Zodiac is the Ecliptic representing the extension of Earth’s orbit towards the sky.

There are twelve equal sections or divisions of the Zodiac, which we commonly call signs. 

Given below are Vedic terminologies of the signs along with their English. 

  1. Mesha – Aries
  2. Vrishabha – Taurus
  3. Mithuna- Gemini
  4. Karka – Cancer
  5. Sinha – Leo
  6. Kanya – Virgo
  7. Tula – Libra
  8. Vrischika – Scorpio
  9. Dhanu- Sagittarius 
  10. Makara- Capricorn
  11. Kumbha -Aquarius
  12. Mina- Pisces

The Asterisms

In Vedic terminology, we call the Asterism as NakshatraAncient astronomers observed that many changes occur within the 30-degree zones that the Zodiac has mapped out. Because of these reasons, the existing 12 sections of the Zodiacal background to 27 sub-divisions. This was done based on the belt of fixed stars that encircle the Earth at the equator. These new sections are called Asterisms or Nakshatras.

Asterisms begin at the same point as the Aries, which begins the Zodiacal plan as well. 

Some of the other factors are the planets, the houses and time. But the Zodiac and Asterism form the fixed backgrounds.

How is Vedic Astrology Different from Western Astrology?

When it comes to the method of measurement, Vedic astrology and Western astrology are quite different. A tropical zodiac is used in Vedic astrology instead of a sidereal zodiac, which is based on the fixed background of the stars, whereas the former is used in Western astrology.

By Anil Astrologer – One of the Most Trusted Astrologer in India 2021

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Can I Marry a Manglik Girl?

There’s a belief in our society that marrying a Manglik girl will cause death to her husband, who is a non-Manglik. For this reason, many say that a Manglik girl should only marry a Manglik boy.  

What is a Manglik?

MangalaDosha is a belief in Hinduism where a person born under the influence of Mars is said to have a ‘dosha,’ where the person will be called ‘Manglik’. The human nature of Manglik is considered to be aggressive, intolerant, hot-headed or domineering.

But many people today believe that being a Manglik doesn’t have to mean the person will have such behavior. A Manglik will have excess energy related to a specific house based on the placement of Mars. The position of Mars in a certain house will make the person have a lot of energy for the same features. 

[ Can a Manglik Marry a Non-Manglik? ]

It is quite likely that when two people in the union have a different energy, issues will occur. For example, if the girl has outgoing nature and the guy is very antisocial, there’s a high chance that issues will happen between them. But, there is no evidence or events where a non-Manglik dies after marrying a Manglik girl. 

Are the effects of mangal dosha in marriage true?

Mangla dosha has been known to create distractions in many unions. Many married couples who have Manglik and non-Manglik bonds have ended up in separation or divorce. Mars is known to be a natural malefic planet that is aggressive and arrogant in nature. Depending on the position of Mars in various houses, the effects may be different. 

Some effects of Mars placed in a certain house are:

  • When Mars is placed in the 1st house, it causes a relationship to break.
  • When Mars is placed in the 4th house, the domestic life will be devoid of happiness.
  • When Mars is placed in the 7th house, the partners may end up in separation or divorce.
  • When Mars is placed in 8rh house, the relationship between partners is unbalanced. 

By Anil Astrologer – One of the Top 10 Astrologers in India 2021

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List of All Mundan Muhurats in 2021

Shaving a kid’s head

Mundan Muhurat – There comes a time in every Hindu’s life, where they have to go bald. This mostly happens when the person is a kid. Many people in India know that they should shave the newborn’s head as a part of the ritual. As the ritual goes on for generations, people hardly think about the reason behind this ritual. 

It is important to note here that Hinduism is not the only culture where a kid’s head needs to be shaved as a part of the ritual. Many Muslims in the country also follow this ritual. However, the Muslim household’s follow the ritual within the 1-40 days of birth, whereas a Hindu household will perform this ritual somewhere between 1-4 months. 

Shaving a person’s head when someone in their family dies

Men in Hinduism shave their heads when someone – a parent or someone equivalent to a parent- dies. 

It is believed that after the death of a person in the family, the environment at home, Raja-Tama (means complete darkness and destruction), which are two of the three Gunas, becomes excessive in nature. The linga-deha of the dead person is believed to continue to wander in the surroundings and around the family members for some time. The linga-deha emits waves of these two Gunas, and these waves are attracted to the black colour, which is the colour of hair in most Hindus. Absorbing such waves could result in various issues in humans, like headaches or uneasiness. To avoid such issues, the ritual of shaving heads is followed. 

This ritual is often seen to be performed by the men who perform the last rites of the dead person. This ritual must be done within the cremation area. 

What is the best time for a haircut?

In Hinduism, cutting hair has assigned dates that are considered auspicious. Every year comes with a list of dates on which a person can cut his hair. For example, cutting hair on Monday is considered good in Hinduism. However, Tuesday is an inauspicious day for hair cutting activity, and hence, Hindus refrain from cutting their hair on this day. 

Best Mundan Muhurat in July 2021

  • 2/7/2021 – Friday – 07:04-09:25, 11:42-18:37
  • 3/7/2021 – Saturday – 07:01-11:38, 13:55-18:33
  • 11/7/2021 – Sunday – 11:07-18:01
  • 16/07/2021 – Friday – 06:36-13:03, 15:23-19:45
  • 17/07/2021 – Saturday – 17:38-19:42
  • 25/07/2021 – Sunday – 06:20-12:28, 14:48-19:10
  • 26/07/2021 – Monday – 07:50-14:44
  • 29/07/2021 – Thursday – 14:32-16:50
  • 31/07/2021 – Saturday – 07:31-09:48, 12:04-18:47

Best Mundan Muhurat in August 2021

  • 4/8/2021 – Wednesday – 07:15-11:49, 14:08-16:27
  • 6/8/2021 – Friday – 07:07-14:00, 16:19-18:23
  • 7/8/2021 – Saturday – 09:21-16:15
  • 12/8/2021 – Thursday – 17:59-19:42
  • 13/08/2021 – Friday – 06:40-11:13, 13:33-15:51
  • 14/08/2021 – Saturday – 15:47-19:34
  • 23/08/2021 – Monday – 17:16-18:58

Best Mundan Muhurat in September 2021

  • 1/9/2021 – Wednesday – 07:42-12:18
  • 2/9/2021 – Thursday – 16:37-18:19
  • 3/9/2021 – Friday – 07:34-09:51
  • 4/9/2021 – Saturday – 09:47-14:25, 16:29-18:11
  • 9/9/2021 – Thursday – 07:11-09:27, 11:47-17:52
  • 11/9/2021 – Saturday – 07:03-11:39
  • 13/09/2021 – Monday – 06:55-13:50
  • 18/09/2021 – Saturday – 07:24-08:52, 11:11-18:44

If you are looking for Best Mundan Muhurat in 2021 then your search ends here!

By Anil Astrologer

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List of All Surya Grahan in 2021

Are you looking forward to Surya Grahans in 2021? Many enthusiasts worldwide look forward to this phenomenon and try to experience the sight from the very beginning to the end. Here is a list of all Surya Grahans that will take place in 2021, which will help you be ready with special solar filters. 

Solar Eclipse 2021

Scientifically, a solar eclipse is a phenomenon where the new Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sunrays in its path to Earth. As a result, some parts of the Earth experience a shadow. 

In 2021, there will be two Surya Grahans. Take a look at the details of the date, time and the country that will experience this exciting phenomenon. 

June 10, 2021

June 10, 2021, will see the first Surya Grahan of 2021, which would be an annular solar eclipse. In India, one can view the eclipse from 1:42 pm IST to 6:41 pm IST. But India won’t be the only country where people could experience the annular solar eclipse. The northern part of North America, some parts of Europe and Asia, Russia, Canada, Greenland will get to experience the 10th June Solar Eclipse as well. 

December 4, 2021

December 4, 2021, will see a total Solar eclipse. This will be the second and final Solar Eclipse of this year. This Solar Eclipse will be visible in places like South Australia, South Africa, America, and even in ocean areas like the Pacific and Indian oceans. Parts of Antarctica will get to experience the eclipse too. 

Types of Surya Grahan

The world knows of 4 solar eclipses. Take a look at the types. 

Partial Solar Eclipse

When the Moon partially obscures the Sun’s disk, casting only its penumbra on Earth, we call this phenomenon a partial solar eclipse.

Annular Solar eclipse

When the Sun and the Moon are closer, the Moon fails to eclipse the whole Sun. For this reason, the outer part of the Sun remains visible, forming a ring of fire. We call this phenomenon an Annular Solar Eclipse. 

Total Solar Eclipse 

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the whole of the Sun, casting a shadow on Earth. 

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

When there is a transition of the annular solar eclipse to a total solar eclipse or the other way around, then it is called the Hybrid Solar Eclipse. 

Are Solar Eclipses harmful?

Solar eclipses do have same effects on different people. Some of the most common effects of Solar Eclipses are increased agitation, unusual dreams, eye pain, effects on pregnancy, etc. 

By Anil Astrologer

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Importance of Astrology in the field of Education

Nowadays, everyone wants to receive a high degree of education. All parents and guardians try their best to ensure that their children get the best. In the olden days, education involved studies of medicine, combat, science and so on. They also focused majorly on astrology studies. 

With the assistance of celestial fortune, one can predict the field they would be most successful in. According to Vedic astrology, education is greatly influenced by the horoscope’s second, fourth, and fifth house. Now let us understand how the presence of these houses reflects on one’s education.

Influence of 2nd house

The second house, also known as KutumbBhava, represents the child’s education from their family. Upto the age of five, the family’s environment plays a vital role in the child’s behaviour and attitude. This house displays the family environment of a person. 

The primary role of the second house is to represent the initial education of the child. If you do not have a formal education as a child, you can be successful in life with the help of this house.

Influence of 4th house

The fourth house is also known as BandhuBhava and SukhBhawa. After primary education, the standard of school education is understood with the help of this house. Astrologers can foretell the child’s degree of education based on the fourth house. This house assists in building the foundation of education. One’s future livelihood depends on this house significantly.

Influence of 5th house

The fifth house is one of the most vital houses concerning education. It helps in selecting the right subject for livelihood. For instance, the fifth house helps to show the required education for attaining a particular job or business.

Mercury, the planet of knowledge, skill and education, is the karaka of intelligence and guru, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and mathematics. With the promising position of these two planets, the children will be good at studies and calculation.

However, if these two planets are related to Trikon Bhava, then the child will attain further education. Even the placement of Panchamesh plays an important role.


One does not get a reasonable degree of education just because the planetary placement is good. The horoscope also is greatly influenced by the inauspicious houses and other weak or afflicted planets.

For education, it is vital to keep NavamshaKundali and the ChaturvivanshaKundali in mind. By observing the placement of the fifth horoscope inKundalis, you can analyzethe level of education one can receive. Ensure you consult Astrologer Anil Bhargava for help or remedies in regards to a problem. 

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Astrology Tips for Success in the Share Market

Astrology affects every area of human life and also the future of an industry. Did you know that astrology also has an impact on the stock market? Whenever you invest in the Indian share market, you can predict where you will win or lose. With astrology, we can also know which areas of investment will be profitable.

What to focus on?

In astrology, you need to pay attention to the appearance of houses in the horoscope. One should give a lot of attention to the presence of the fifth and eleventh house. If there is no effect of any adverse planet, then your invested shares will be profitable. 

There should be an interconnection between the fifth, eleventh and money house. Even the combination of the fifth, eleventh or owners of the twelfth house can lead to profits.

Effect of Buddha Bhava and Rahu

The Buddha planet plays a crucial role in commission, business and share market. Therefore, you can become a good advisor in the stocks if your Buddha planet is well off.

Rahu in the fifth house is beneficial and will provide you with some profit. 

Planetary positions which are harmful

One should try avoiding investing if Rahu is in the second house. The combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Jupiter or Moon is harmful to you. Rahu is the centre of success in the stock market, but it is only possible after some bad beginning investments.

If the planets’ position in your horoscope is not good, then you can collect the energy of the planets in the right direction with the assistance of Ratna Shastra or Mantra Shastra. 

Astrological Remedies

If your planetary position is not in your favour, then implement some of these astrological remedies to be profitable.

  1. Perform Rahu Mantra daily. In this, you need to chant, ‘Om Raan Rahave Namah’, every morning and evening.
  2. Start wearing a silver star around your neck.
  3. Every Wednesday and Friday, feed a small piece of flour to the fishes.


Astrology does play an essential role in the success and downfall of someone’s life, company, etc. There are many ways to eliminate the adverse effects of the planets and attract position effects. Remember to do your research correctly or consult Astrologer Anil Bhargava.

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Learn Business Astrology

Everyone has set particular dreams, and to achieve them, we have brilliant business ideas. Starting a business has many advantages, like you are your boss. Hence you can create your own working space accordingly. However, there is a lot of risk investment. A business primarily depends on the principle of demand and supply. If there is no demand, then we go through losses. Such are the problems one faces and want to get out of it or rather have a smooth business life.

How Can Business Astrology Help?

For ages, Vedic Astrology has been providing remedies to business problems, personal finance, career options, and so on. On the other hand, business astrology gives a deep and advanced insight into our future and provides stunning solutions to mould the path of destiny in one’s favour. 

Furthermore, we can also understand how various stars and planets influence an individual’s business and how we can benefit the company in the market industry. For instance, you can predict the relationship with a business partner by looking at the seventh house in the horoscope. However, if you do not have a proper settlement with the partner, you should not proceed in a partnership business.

Impact of Houses on Business

Mainly the second, seventh and eleventh houses have a great impact on a business. Remember that the presence of fifth, eighth and twelfth houses together represent severe losses in the industry. Let us understand more about them now. 

2nd house

The second house stands for the money or wealth in one’s life. Money is one of the most crucial components of any business. In the second house, Rahu-Ketu and Shani represent that the person’s financial status is not good. It also means that the person in the future will experience some financial inconvenience regarding the business. 

Remember that Jupiter influences the individual’s finances while mercury affects business. Hence, if you have a strong position on these two planets in the second house, your business will succeed.

7th house

The seventh house plays a significant role in business. The presence of Saturn represents that you will have some payment delays in your industry. The effects of Saturns are powerful; hence one should take proper astrological measures to reduce its ill effects and take advantage of the good effects.

11th house

The eleventh house represents the effect of the business in the person’s life. It also helps to understand relations in the businesses. For instance, with better corporate relations, you can expand and get support for your business.


Other than houses and planetary influence, the Kaal Sharp Dosh hurts business and finance. Consult Anil Astrologer and seek remedies that might reduce the adverse effects of the planets. 

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Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your New Home

Vastu Tips for New Home: Everyone wishes to keep their home away and safe from negative energy, as it might affect their family’s well-being. This is one reason why many people trust Vastu Shastra and plan the design and layout of their houses according to the ancient Indian architecture system. But most of us presently prefer ready-to-move-in places. If you still want to ensure a positive home environment,

Here are 10 Vastu Tps for New Home you can follow

1. The Entrance

A Vastu-approved entrance door should face the north, east, or northeast direction. The door, preferably made of wood, painted black, bearing a nameplate, and well lit, must open in a clockwise direction into the house. This will secure the positive energy inside your home.

2. The Living Room

Your living room must face north, northeast, east, or northwest. It should have space at the centre, with televisions and other electronics occupying the southeast part of the room. Paint your living room walls in soothing tones of white, beige, cream, or light pink.

3. The Kitchen

Since cooking is associated with fire and the fire God- Agni resides in the southeast direction, your kitchen must also face the same way. Keep all your kitchen appliances in the southeast and the grocery basket in the kitchen’s southwest section.

4. The Bedroom

Bedrooms should be situated in the southwest section of the house. Bedroom walls need to be of light and pleasant colours. Keep the wardrobe close to the southwest wall. Decorating your bedroom with fresh flowers is highly recommended.

[ Vastu Shastra Specialist in India ]

5. The Balcony

Learned astrologers advise situating the balcony at the north, northeast, or eastern part of the house. It should be rectangular or square, preferably with a water fountain placed in the northeast direction. Wind chimes hung in the balcony brings good luck!

6. Decor For Good Luck

Quite a few items, when placed strategically, promote positivity and luck, so decorate your home accordingly. Invest in a bamboo plant and get a Buddha statue. Objects like horseshoe and the Swastik symbol are also known to usher good luck and positivity.

7. Drive Out Negativity

Objects like plants with thorns, broken clocks, old calendars, and war-centric pictures exude a sense of negativity that is not good for your home. You should also avoid statues of wild animals.

8. The House Shape

Your home should have a narrow entrance and a broader back. It is known as the Gaumukhi shape, and it is most suitable for housing purposes. Moreover, you should avoid extended corners.

9. Colour Scheme

It is well known that every colour has a distinctive characteristic- we associate white with purity, green with jealousy, red with passion, blue with tranquillity, etc. So plan the colour scheme of each room depending on the purpose of the space.

10. The Griha Pravesh

Before finally moving into a house, it is advisable to perform sanctifying rituals- known as Grihapravesh, on an auspicious day. It helps in ruling out negativity from the space and ushering in positive energy.

With these easy-to-follow Vastu Tips for New Home, your home and family will be out of negativity’s way!

By Anil Astrologer

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Reasons for Late Marriage in Horoscope

Marriage is the holy communion between two souls – it is a grand and auspicious event that can change the course of life. Therefore, this matter must not be taken lightly. People spend a lot of time and effort finding the right partner. While many people have almost no difficulty in finding their better half, quite a few people find it difficult to find the right one for long.

In India, according to social customs, the ideal age of marriage is mid-twenties. Getting married as a teenager or in their early twenties is generally regarded as early marriage. On the other hand, waiting till after thirty to get married is considered a little late. While any adult can consciously opt to marry at any age they prefer, many face complications in the process. A delay in marriage is linked with astrological imbalances- improper planetary positions in one’s horoscope can affect the timely occurrence of their marriage.

Read on to find out the reasons for late marriage in horoscope:

1. The retro-gradation of the lord of marriage and the situation of Mars in the 8th house can cause a delay.

2. A change in position of the lord of marriage from the 7th house to the 8th or 6th house can bring about a late marriage.

3. A weak 7th lord in the birth chart of an individual might be responsible for a marital setback.

4. If Saturn and Moon come together in an individual’s horoscope at any point in time, their marriage may get delayed.

5. If Saturn and the 7th lord are fused or become ‘akarak,’ the marriage date can hinder.

6. A late marriage can be caused by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, or even the sun in the seventh house.

7. If Moon is stationary in the 8th or 12th house, and one can note a mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus in a person’s birth chart, their marriage is likely to be delayed.

8. When a person is under Saturn’s influence, and Saturn is in the 7th house or connected to the 7th house in any way, it will delay their marriage.

9. If Mars is positioned in the 7th house in one’s birth chart, and Venus and Saturn are in the ascendant, the person might face a late marriage.

10. The weakening of the 7th lord and the unification of Moon and Rahu in the 7th house can cause significant obstacles in a timely marriage.

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How to Test an Astrological Gemstones?

Due to the high demand for gemstones, people have been fooled into buying fake stones of similar size, shape and colour.

Jewels are trendy in India because of their astrological advantages.

Not everything that shines is gold! Now, this may also be the case for that gem that you have long longed to decorate. Gloss, lustre, colour quality and durability look beautiful at first glance, but they can probably tempt you to buy fake jewellery.

Astrological Gemstones are prevalent in India because of their astrological advantages. Gems can indeed increase the strength of the planet as long as you choose the suitable stone.

Due to the high market demand for gemstones, people are misunderstood to buy fake gemstones of the same size, shape and colour as natural mining stones.

[ Different Types of Natural Opal ]

Synthetic gems are shiny and brighter than real gems. Customers have difficulty identifying fake gems and end up spending a fortune on them.

If you cannot see the naked eye’s inclusions, use a magnifying glass at least ten times to see if the gem contains inclusions. Also, look for marks and debris to see if the gem has been removed from a ring or the like.

Get Best Tips to Test an Astrological Gemstones

Finding the perfect transparent gemstone is difficult, but look for cracks, scratches, and acne in the gemstone before focusing on your purchase. You can also consult with a qualified gemologist to see if the gem is natural.

Actual Gem Color

Once you have determined your gem’s authenticity, the next step is to check the colour of your gem. To determine if this is the case, look at it with a magnifying glass to see if the stone has unusual opacity and colour density.

Seller Credibility

Finding the right gem can be complex. The first step is to find a reliable seller who will inform you about your gem and help you find the quality, cut and type of gem that suits your needs.

This will help you make informed purchase decisions. Even the best jewellers can sell fake stones, so it’s essential to pay close attention to your purchases.

Before selling gems and diamonds, they must be certified by a government laboratory. Consumers need to be careful when buying gemstones and diamonds and not be the victim of advertising strategies such as celebrity promotions, deals and discounts.

Shape and Design

When buying jewelry, people are often noisy about the shape of the jewelry. Each cut and shape has different characteristics. When buying gems, look for ones that are well cut and unmarked.

Pay based on transparency

After completing the above points, you need to look for your gem’s clarity. The more transparent a gem, the more valuable it is.

Blog by Anil Astrologer – One of The Best Astrologer in India

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Zodiac Style – The Best Color for your Zodiac Signs

Here you can get the Best Colors for your Zodiac Signs. By Anil Astrologer – One of the Leading Love Astrologer in India.

List of Best Colors for your Zodiac Signs


Dark blood red is the colour for Aries. It mainly symbolises passion and a dare to restrict the world on the tracks. People who belong to this zodiac sign also require something for calming them down. Pink and white helps them in being calm but it is important to avoid the black colour. Generally speaking, saffron, rust, mustard and gold yellow are some of the colours which would instantly appeal an Aries person.


Cream, pink, white and black suit the temperament of taurians. They need to avoid wearing the red colour as it affects them negatively. However, you may choose maroon as well. Earthy colours like beige, brown or khaki or sky blue also appeal them a lot.


they love the green colour as it mainly symbolises creativity, rejuvenation and growth. Other colours which work well for them include red, pink, black and white.

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White, sea green and blue work well for them while yellow is considered to be auspicious for them to be successful. Red may help the in perking them up when they are down. However, they should avoid wearing red as it might even have a negative effect on their emotions. Sea-green is good for them and they should avoid wearing black as it’s considered to bring gloomy things.


Orange colour suits them very well. Wearing orange helps in adding to their magnetic aura as well as charisma of their personality. Other shades which appeal them include red, gold and purple. Pastel shades and pale shades don’t go well for the temperament of these people.


Pale shades and pastel shades of different colours from mauve to peach to light pink and light blue appeal them a lot. The colours such as bottle green, moss green as well as green along with black are considered to be rejuvenating and bring harmony for the temperament of Virgo.


Blue is considered to be appropriate for them as it mainly symbolises harmony as well as balance in different spheres of their life. Black, pink and white also suit them well.


Scarlet shade captures mystic aura of the sun sign. Different shades of maroon, purple, red and bottle green with shades of black appeal them a lot. Pastel colours and pale shades are not meant for these people.

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They love yellow, orange, canary yellow and red. Blue and yellow are best shades for these people. Sometimes, white can also help in soothing and relaxing. Though black is quite appealing, it doesn’t have any kind of positive influence on these people.


People with Capricorn prefer the earthy colours such as khaki and brown. They don’t like wearing red often. White compliments these people and the combination of white and black are the all-time favourites of these people.


Violets as well as other shades appeal these people. They like unconventional shades too.


Yellow is wonderful for them. Violent and bright shades are considered to be jarring for delicate sensibilities of evolved Pisceans. White is their all-time favourites. The colour which does not do well for Pisceans is green.

If you are looking for the Best Colors for your Zodiac Signs then your search ends here!

By Anil Astrologer India

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Why do People Want their Love Back?

People Want their Love Back: Once you are in a relationship for some time with someone, you may start taking the person for granted about how well the partner know about your quirks. How they tell so many things about you from just a look or how do they know so many things about you and the concert you like.

Main Reason for Why do people want their love Back

When you finish your relation with your partner, and then try getting love back to the world of dating, you realise the fact that it is very difficult to begin from the scratch. When you wish to get back to your love, for any reason, it could be quite appealing.

It is quite a common theme and it has become broken now. They break the relation, get back to their ex, they break the relation and get back to their ex and it keeps going on like this. Have you heard the quotation “an ex who wants to come back in someone’s life who tried doing it better but couldn’t, and thus they are now settling with you”. Often this becomes the case when people break up and enter the wild but are lonely or scared and then retreat back to their ex just because they miss them or because they feel safe. Of course, you would miss the person or some thingsabout him and feeling of getting love and giving that someone in the corner for supporting you for all matters.

You had developed a relationship with that person and have a number of memories with him in your heart and your mind and the reminder about how this person once used to make you feel. This is exactly where you will find the right way of using a rational part of your brain for gaining the perspective about a situation and take a clear decision when you are better without that person. Besides, you finish the relation for some reason.

Best Tips for Person Back

Getting back to your ex is a safe play. It is mainly because it resists the change. Breakup can be quite scary as we feel that wave of changes crashing over our lives like the tidal waves. And so the loss as we had a person and now he or she is not there. The truth is that the person would not mean anything to us that once he did. This is the most difficult thing that we need to deal with post breakup.

The initial reaction that we have in such a situation is getting back to this person again. We wish to do anything that we can for replenishing the feeling that the relationship gave during our good times. We become the strung out addicts who have been cut away from the last supply.

Well this is exactly where most of the people try to get love back. Sometimes, this also means admitting our mistakes that they never feel about their commitment or ignoring the hard truth of your compatibility as well as relationship. We never deal with logical and the real love problems which are caused to us due to breakup.

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