There’s a belief in our society that marrying a Manglik girl will cause death to her husband, who is a non-Manglik. For this reason, many say that a Manglik girl should only marry a Manglik boy.  

What is a Manglik?

MangalaDosha is a belief in Hinduism where a person born under the influence of Mars is said to have a ‘dosha,’ where the person will be called ‘Manglik’. The human nature of Manglik is considered to be aggressive, intolerant, hot-headed or domineering.

But many people today believe that being a Manglik doesn’t have to mean the person will have such behavior. A Manglik will have excess energy related to a specific house based on the placement of Mars. The position of Mars in a certain house will make the person have a lot of energy for the same features. 

[ Can a Manglik Marry a Non-Manglik? ]

It is quite likely that when two people in the union have a different energy, issues will occur. For example, if the girl has outgoing nature and the guy is very antisocial, there’s a high chance that issues will happen between them. But, there is no evidence or events where a non-Manglik dies after marrying a Manglik girl. 

Are the effects of mangal dosha in marriage true?

Mangla dosha has been known to create distractions in many unions. Many married couples who have Manglik and non-Manglik bonds have ended up in separation or divorce. Mars is known to be a natural malefic planet that is aggressive and arrogant in nature. Depending on the position of Mars in various houses, the effects may be different. 

Some effects of Mars placed in a certain house are:

  • When Mars is placed in the 1st house, it causes a relationship to break.
  • When Mars is placed in the 4th house, the domestic life will be devoid of happiness.
  • When Mars is placed in the 7th house, the partners may end up in separation or divorce.
  • When Mars is placed in 8rh house, the relationship between partners is unbalanced. 

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