When will I get married and to whom?

The above-titled question might have come once in your mind, but you might not have brought it in front of anyone due to the shyness or fear factor. To such question, the answer is difficult to find, but astrology has the power to give predictions on it. If you are not a believer in astrology, then you are wrong. It is a part of science, and most of the well-known scientists have proven their thesis on it. We will know many more about astrology and some interesting facts about marriage prediction.

Numerology method to marriage horoscope by date of birth

With astrology and numerology combined, our horoscope is prepared with birthdate, birth time, and birthplace in consideration. The horoscope is designed according to the planetary positions at the current time. Birthdate is further categorized, and nakshatra lords, along with their sub lords, decide the zodiac signs. With all these things taken into consideration, a marriage horoscope is established.

For males, the 7th house of the horoscope and planet Venus are suitable for marriage. For female, both 7th and 8th house of the horoscope and planet mars is responsible. Beyond this, many more predictions are made following a marriage horoscope by date of birth.

Love and arranged marriage astrology

Just like marriage details are predicted from the horoscope, the type of marriage is one of them. There are some relevant houses and planets that boost love marriage and arranged marriage, respectively. The 5th house enhances love marriage, and the 7th house enhances arranged marriage. Planetary elements like the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn are suitable for an arranged marriage, whereas Rahu, Venus, and Ketu are for love marriage.

According to love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online, you may have a very compatible nature among your relationship. However, if there is no suitable astrological bonding in your horoscopes, then it will lead to separation in the coming future. The astrologers can also solve it as per the recommended pujas and practices.

Solve disturbances in your marriage relationship

You face disturbances in marriage life because of no consultation from the astrologers at the correct time and correct place before marriage. People get happily married, and after a couple of months, they get tired of relationships and get separated. There are many reasons for the separation some of them are mentioned below:

  • Financial factor: As marriage brings much responsibility, and if you are not that financially stable, then lack of money can bring destruction in your relationship.
  • Intimacy issue: Any medical issue, whether it of a male or female partner, leads to separation. Sometimes this leads to extramarital affairs, which brings an end to marriage life.
  • Stressed life: With more trapped with the job and no time for the partner also bring up separation.
  • Poor communication: Mainly, poor communication is seen in arranged marriage couples but mostly get it solved, but some can’t, which separates them.

To all these above topics mentioned, if you have any problems, get sorted from the astrologers and live a happy married life. Marriage is a beautiful part, and please don’t ruin it for not having adequate knowledge regarding astrology.

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