love problem solution online in Hyderabad is that the famous in India as astrologer in India. India is that the best and famous country of the planet . Astrology is that the important reverence in India. It from ancient time of the India. Astrology is from Aryan society, India is that the too fatherland of the planet .

it’s divided into so deferent state, language, village, cities, and culture; it means it a set which is sort of a library. we will see in India deferent believe of individuals , deferent religions. So India is such a library which collection of differences. love problem solution online in Hyderabad

The documented history of Jyotish within the subsequent newer sense of recent horoscopic astrology is related to the interaction of Indian and Hellenistic cultures within the Indo-Greek period. Greek became a interlanguage of the Indus valley region following the military conquests of Alexander the good and therefore the Bactrian Greeks.

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The oldest surviving treatises, like the Yavanajataka or the Brihat-Samhita, date to the first centuries AD. The wold famous oldest astrological treatise in Sanskrit is that the Yavanajataka a versification by Sphujidhvaja in AD of a best now lost translation of a Greek treatise by Yavanesvara during the 1nd century AD under the patronage of the Western Satrap Saka king Rudradaman I. love problem solution online in Hyderabad

is Indian astronomy and astrology developed together. The earliest treatise on jyotish, the Bhrigu Samhita, dates from the Vedic era. The sage Bhrigu is one among the Saptarshi, the seven sages who assisted within the creation of the universe. Written on pages of tree bark, the Samhita (Compilation) is claimed to contain five million horoscopes comprising all who have lived within the past or will sleep in the longer term .

the primary named authors writing treatises on astronomy are from the 5th century AD, the date when the classical period of Indian astronomy are often said to start . Besides the theories of Aryabhata within the Aryabhatiya or therefore the lost Arya-siddhanta, there’s the Pancha-Siddhantika of Varahamihira.

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