Marriage is the essential part of life, and it decides your future. If the person is determined to take the responsibility, then it means you are ready for Asking Parents’ Permission for Marriage. So, whatever you do it is essential to seek advice from our elders.

Asking Parents’ Permission for Marriage

Should I ask her father before I propose?

It is essential to take permission in a few cases, but if the girl is ready to spend the whole life with him, then there is no issue. But in some cases without having a concern from girl’s side, most of the boys try to force them for marriage. But if the person is well to do and can take responsibility, then there is no issue asking her father before you propose.

Asking father for permission to marry over the phone?

Parents are the most precious gift of god to any child, asking their permission shows their morality towards parents. Asking a father for permission to marry over the phone is possible if you are frank enough with him to share and talk.

How long before a proposal to ask father?

The most common question that rose in mind is how long before the proposal to ask father. A proper initiation must be taken before approaching like to be confident upon the goals and the dependency. You have to be ready to answer any question asked on the other side.

A proper explanation and answer will make you ready for making a request.

Do you ask both parents to marry their daughter? 

Sometimes the question “to ask both parents to marry their daughter” is essential. But if the couple has decided to live together, then hardly anyone raises any voice against them. The refusal is seen in most of the inter-caste marriages only.

But society is accepting the nowadays thought process, and that is the reason why now the inter-caste marriages are accomplishing.

Father’s response to daughter’s hand in marriage?

A father is a world for every daughter, the most responsible person that a man in any girl’s life before marriage is her father. So, Father’s response to daughter’s hand in marriage is essential in every point of view. Raising her from childhood to her young age is the priceless moments for every father.

He must give her hand to that man who can protect her and can fulfill the basic needs to live life.

Boyfriend asking permission to marry?

There are several cases where a boyfriend asked permission to marry a girl gently. This gentlemen ship only will lead anyone to show respect for women. Forced marriage, marrying without her concern is not acceptable at any cost, and in that way, no one can live happily.

If a girl is serious for him, she will be going to spend her future with him. But if both of them are not serious, then the relationship will not last. And both of them will continue the search for the right choice no matter what.


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