If you want to do vashikaran by name, then you can be used to subdue him by using the mantra sorcerer to subdue him. How to captivate anyone with lemon or name and how it happens is all possible here. To subdue a person, to get him to work according to his own name, Vashikaran is done by name, to know how to captivate by name, it is necessary to know the astrological measures or tricks of name captivation. With the help of some simple tricks and mantras, a person’s name can be vandalized. People who want to know how to do Vashikaran by name, they also need to know that while using Vashikaran, there should not be any sense of harm or evil in one’s mind.

You can conquer the enemy by taking measures to control the name, by this you can find your love. If your wife is angry with you or your husband is caught in the clutches of another woman, then you know how to captivate by name, because these simple name captivating methods will give you miraculous benefits.

Mantra / Totka to do Vashikaran by name: –

“Om Kalim Krishnayi” chant this mantra 551 times every day, this mantra has proved very effective in finding your love or celebrating a downtrodden partner. Friday is appropriate for this mantra, so from this day you start chanting the mantra. You have to do this experiment or trick every 7 consecutive days. For this you will need seven betel leaves, water and vermilion. After dealing with bathing etc. every morning, read this mantra on the betel leaves, after that, write the name of the person whose love you want to have on a betel leaf and rotate it from top to left and right away. Throw it away. After doing these measures, go in front of whomever you want to tame.

Do not consume meat, alcohol or adultery while using this trick, keep religious feelings in your mind and do not let doubt arise in your efforts. Do this experiment for the full 7 Fridays, if you stop the experiment in the middle, then you will not get the quantity as expected. Many people are upset with their enemies and they are curious about how to captivate the enemy in his name. By using the mantra and its use that is being told to you here, your enemies will be afraid of you and forget the enmity. This mantra is as follows – “Gyani not measured Chetansi Devi Bhagwati Violence Graha Balda Krishi Mohai Mahamaya Parakashti”.

Vashikaran with lemon / lemon: –

To captivate the name through this mantra, you will need 2 yellow lemons, a black cloth, a white blank paper and red vermilion. Saturday is the best day to do this trick. On Saturday, wake up in the morning and bathe in clean clothes and go to the temple there and bow before God. Now go to a deserted place with lemon, write your own name on one lemon here and on the other lemon write the name of the person who is causing trouble in your life by becoming an enemy. After this, write the person’s name 251 times in green paper with green ink. Now wrap both the lemons in paper and chant the above mantra 251 times.

After the chanting is done, take the lemon out of the paper and cut the lemon on the middle of which you have written the enemy’s name, remember that while cutting the lemon, the enemy’s name is also cut from the middle. Now drink the juice of this sliced ​​lemon, let the remaining lemon and paper flow into the river on the second day. After the completion of these tricks, do not forget to chant the mantra daily for 11 consecutive days. By the use of this captivity, all the negative effects of your enemy will be destroyed, either it will go away from your life forever or it will behave as your friend.

Vashikaran by name: –

Many times many people need to take their influence in front of you, in such a situation it is important to know how to captivate a group of people by name. You can do this remedy to subdue several people simultaneously, take as many betel nuts as you want to subdue. Now write on a white blank paper the name of all the people whom you want to subdue. Now take a black cloth and wrap all betel nuts and paper in it. Keep this bundle in front of you and chant this mantra.

Mantra – “Om Namo Naranaye Sarva Lokan Mama Vasayya Kuru Kuru Swa” ||

Chant this mantra 121 times in front of the bundle and then on a moonless night, turn it from the head and burn it with ghee in a fire in a crematorium. By using this trick, the effect of your captivity will be clearly visible on all people. Many women want to get the love of their husband but their husband becomes crazy after another woman. If the effect of your love on your husband is decreasing, then it is very important to know how to captivate by name. To do this remedy, chant this mantra on Friday.

The mantra goes like this – “Om Harim Kurum Pischini (take the name of the person to be vandalized here) in Vashiyam Bhavanti” ||

Chant this mantra for 5 consecutive Fridays, after completing the mantra, take a blank white paper and write your husband’s name on it and take a peacock crease and wrap it in the paper. After this, chant the above mantra 11 times, then tie it in a silk cloth. Now keep it in a secret place in the house for seven days, on completion of seven days, remove it and put ghee in a secluded place and burn it. The husband is captivated by this simple experiment

from Vashikaran Specialist (Acharya Narayan Shastri ji) https://ift.tt/2WlEQjb