Among conventional scientists and materialists, a great deal of credit is given to the psychological effects of witchcraft upon the target who knows he has been Cursed. They believe it has a placebo effect” or that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy among the superstitious. It has been suggested that a person who believes himself to be under a curse may bring about his own bad luck, illness or even death due to his anxiety Over being cursed. While this theory of the psychological effects of witchcraft does not demonstrate an understanding of how it really works or provides a genuine explanation, it 1s not entirely without merit. In fact, in some cultures where black magic is greatly feared, the magician goes out of his way to let the victim know he is being cursed. Old English witches would publicly point at the intended victim with the right index finger while raising the left foot and pronouncing a malediction. Among the aboriginals of Australia, there is a public cursing procedure known as pointing the bone.” If the intended victim is disliked by a number of people, they may perform a dance ceremony before facing off with their target and literally pointing a bone at him while pronouncing a curse. These are examples in which there is a powerful psychological effect, which might be disturbing even to an avowed rationalist or materialist. Undoubtedly, such a practice would have a profoundly negative effect on the superstitious. But, the psychological effect does not explain the real forces involved in the efficacy of black magic, especially in cases where the victim has no knowledge of being a victim.

While many victims of witchcraft never know why they suffer what appears to be a random misfortune sometimes people who have no belief in the power black magic and discount it as so much Hollywood “mumbo jumbo” receive a rude awakening when they figure out that they have been bewitched. While there are some factions of Christians who very much believe in and fear all forms of witchcraft, many forms of Christianity are very nearly secular and  devoid of any real sense of the metaphysical. The church Experience 1s more often a social experience or a habit with such people. So, they are shocked when they.come face to face with the reality of an occult world they previously thought was fabricated or at least exaggerated. Many materialists and New Age Christians think that if they ignore the occult or refuse to accept or believe in the effects of witchcraft, it cannot harm them. They refuse to acknowledge it, saying if they do not give power to it with their thoughts, it will cease to exist for them. Other types of Christians believe they can pray away the influence of black magic or obtain “deliverance” from possession. Fortunately for black magicians, none of this is true.

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