• We are all born witches; it is our natural state of being. If this were not a generally acknowledged fact, then the churches wouldn’t be in such a rush to baptize children and claim them for their god. So, it is not necessary to do anything special to become a witch. Although, some people who have been heavily indoctrinated by a church, especially those exposed to Christianity as children, sometimes find it beneficial and maybe Christianity by performing some activities such as reciting the Our Father Prayer backward. But, none of this is really necessary. True initiation is not about performing a ritual or ceremony, as is done in some occult orders and which is usually only symbolic. To be a true initiate is to have knowledge and understanding of a principle and this only comes through study and personal experimentation. While all people are born witches, we are not all born with the same faculties or abilities. Most people who have a basic familiarity with the modern history of witcheraft know that the word “witch” is derived from the Old Saxon words “wicce” and “wicca,” which is. also, interpreted to mean sorcerer or sorceress and wisę one. But, fewer people these days seem to consider the meaning of the word “craft.” In Old Saxon and in modern German, the word “craft,” originally spelled “kraft,” means power, especially mental power.
  • A second meaning of the word, which came later, means art, science or skill. This definition sums up the true nature of witchcraft, which has largely been revealed, while, also, being obscured by Christian-biased chroniclers and historians, as the skillful application of power derived from the knowledge and use of occult science. Witchcraft is an art, science, and skill, to one extent or another, is taught within families, most commonly from mother to daughter. At the very least, many women in a family, lineages are witches or healers because, in parts of this country or any other, where people are isolated from conventional medical services or hospitals, they must know how to care for themselves or else perísh. Consequently, very knowledgeable healers often come from remote, far-flung towns and rural areas. In some cases, something more than just knowledge is passed from one witch to another in families. Some people inherit witch powers from their relatives, often from parent to child. If the witch works with certain spírits or is engaged in certain workings, those things pass to the new witch along with her knowledge base. This is why hereditary witches sometimes have very great power and abilities. Both knowledge and power can be given, purchased and otherwise transferred from one witch to another, whether they are related or not. Some people are born with much greater natural powers. They often know from the time they are very young that they can sense and do things that other people cannot.

  • Yet another means of obtaining remarkable powers of extra-sensory perception and powerful magnetism, which is a storehouse of life force energy, is through the survival of trauma. There are essentially two types of trauma that lead to increased abilities: (1) Trauma as a result of being involved in an accident, surviving a violent crime, having a Near Death Experience or even having a psychologically traumatic experience such as witnessing a crime or experiencing a death in the family; and (2) that which is intentionally induced in rituals, rites, and ceremonies, especially those involving some trauma to the physical body and especially the genitals. In the book, Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection, the author discusses the correlation between trauma and the development of advanced psychic abilities, which considered the powers of witches, by people who are crime survivors or who have endured some degree of trauma. Trauma, especially when it involves prolonged or repeated incidents or involves trauma to the reproductive organs, causes certain chemicals to be released in the brain. It might be said to open up the succession of doorways, which is why in the initiations of some mystical or tribal orders involves a series of degrees of such trauma. Some witcheraft power comes entirely from within, but at a certain stage of development as a witch, it begins to come from spirits and the ability to interact with them, as well. While the power within is very important, the most powerful witches have relationships with spirits who work for them, some of whom are very old and others of which are created by the witch. 
  • According to accounts of witches by folklorists and in the historical documentation that remains from the confessions of witches who were powers were often obtained through infernal pacts or the commission of some sexually perverse, sacrilegious or heinous act. Some methods of obtaining witch powers involve elaborate rituals and some only a chance encounter with “the devil.” But, they all have in common the concept of a relationship with spirits. All of these accounts were reported by Christians who saw these activities through the prism of their own superstitious religious beliefs, but there are grains of truth in them. Undoubtedly, the greatest witchcraft powers come from established relationships with spirits, which is discussed further in the next chapter. But, power from within is important, too. Regardless of the degree of natural power you possess, it is important to train yourself to strengthen it and increase your mastery over it. Daily practice of meditation and visualization, even for 10 or 15 minutes can significantly increase your personal power.

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