• Black magic may be performed using different methods depending on how much access you have to your target and the amount of information you have about them. In cases where you have direct access to a target, influence may be transferred by touching or by looking at the person while projecting your will. Historically, it may be delivered by means of food or drink. A specially prepared object, such as an item of jewelry coins or some trinket may be given to an unsuspecting target as a gift. Magical powders can be blown in the direction of the target or a substance may be placed where he or she must walk through it. Animals and insects are sometimes used as vehicles.
  • to cause a variety of physical and mental health problems and eventually to kill the victim. Smoke, and burial at appropriate locations are, also, employed Sometimes working is buried near the victim’s home place of business, in a cemetery or at a crossroads. Other times, it is thrown into the water. It is often accomplished using sympathetic magic, by means of which all kinds of unpleasantness can be applied to the object representing your target. Both acute and chronic harm can be done if you are able to obtain a photograph, hair, nails, blood, other tissues or highly personal article belonging to the target. The dirt of the intended victim’s footprint may be collected in a clean vessel and used as a representation of him or her. The person’s full name, address, and birth date is written on a piece of paper can help to form a connection, but a spot of the person’s blood is the longest-lasting and contains the entirety of his or her vibrational signature. Accomplished black magicians, relying on relatively little information or direct contact, can locate an enemy through the etheric field and make a connection to him remotely. Or, they can visit the person, not only in dreams but as waking apparitions. When the etheric field is sufficiently condensed, they can make physical contact with the enemy and can terrorize the person or commit acts of violence against them directly. Black magic against a deserving target is very easily accomplished by a witch with very little magical training who has been gravely wronged. The special powers of crime survivors and why they possess them is discussed in Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection by Angela Kaelin. Malefic witchcraft inspired as the result of self-righteous anger against the perpetrator of a crime is, also, discussed Godfrey Leland with regard to the 19th century “strege,” Italian witches of Tuscany:
  • “The strege believe, however, as do all among whom they live that concentrated, intense venomous hatred, or will be allied to spells can kill. And there are many who, believing themselves to be thus hated, do die. And when the hate has really been awakened by a deep wrong, be it from conscience or the mysterious working of destiny, and causes beyond our ken, it is wonderful to see how often the arrow strikes sooner or later!” Highly adept witches themselves into a variety of different forms to better perform certain tasks. The stories of witches, primarily women, transforming into owls and bats at night are not just legend or myth. The Mexican lechuzas, witches in the form of human-sized owls and similar creatures of the night such as the tik-tik or aswang of the Philippines, are commonly seen in places where black magic flourishes. Witches who are healers can, also, use these abilities to help people who are sick and to prevent bad things from happening to innocent people. Spirits and thought-forms are, also, employed and may be dispatched to cause problems for the target with the imagination of the witch being the only limitation.


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