In some older cultures, it is believed that all misfortune is caused by malefic witchcraft. As strange as this sounds, at first, this may have merit because of one of the first things that happen after you become comfortable practicing black magic and interacting with dark spirits and familiars is that a lot of the bumps in the road of life seem to smooth out. You have fewer little bedevilments, people are nicer to you and you have a lot fewer occurrences that might be chalked up to bad luck. Black magicians understand witchcraft is not necessarily intentional. It can be caused by ill-feelings, jealousy and even the admiration of one person by another, which is commonly called the “Evil
Eye.” In fact, a study of the subject leads the researcher to the conclusion that the first witchcraft was probably born of ill-feelings or self-righteous indignation. The earliest witchcraft might have been the result of some imbalance or, at least, a perceived one. Understanding the cause of a problem is often the surest path to finding a solution to it. This is why understanding black magic is the only way to find a remedy to some kinds of misfortune. In cases where malefic witchcraft is responsible for illness or other adversity, only black magic provides a remedy. Whereas, white magic, Christian prayer, belief in God or relying on allopathic doctors will prove entirely useless against it. This last fact is one of the most important reasons fo maintaining secrecy surrounding black magic. If the target of witcheraft does not suspect malefic witcheraft, he will be all the more vulnerable and if he is either a materialist, he will be completely Christian or defenseless. Christians are in terror of witcheraft because they know how powerless they are against it, despite their bravado and claims of the powers of their God materialist will chalk illness or a series of unhappy events up to chance or coincidence. Furthermore, most such people rely entirely on allopathic doctors and neve look for alternative remedies. It is well-known that spiritual men among the American Indians, the Africans, the Hawaiians, and other nations are reluctant to share their knowledge with others. But, this is not because they fear the ridicule of their sacred knowledge, as some people suppose. Whenever information about black magic is shared with others, it diffuses some of its power. For example, if the method of an attack is known, this information could help the victim find a remedy. This is why whenever you read about a spell or procedure in this book or anywhere else, you should strive to personalize it in some way, make it uniquely your own and do not share it with others. We live in a time in which both privacy and secrecy are little valued, but there is power in secrecy, especially when you have enemies. Do not fall into the trap of sharing everything you know with others, including information about yourself and what you do. The more secrecy you can maintain, the safer and more powerful you will be. Coming out of the closet to friends or family as a traditional witch is not recommended. This is not Wicca. Although, some practitioners hide behind the guise of Wicca in places where the religion is accepted.

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