Hello, in this post, I am telling you the answer of second question of today’s Amazon quiz contest (13th March 2020), if you want the second third and fourth and fifth answer today, then scroll down the link of all the posts I gave question wise just click on it. Do and all questions will be answered in front of you.

Questions Asked in Amazon Quiz 13th March 2020

  1. The cast of which American sitcom will reunite exclusively for an untitled unscripted special for HBO Max to be directed by Ben Winston?
  2. As of February 2020, which country is India’s top trade partner?
  3. Which of these movies received a three month SGST tax exemption from the Madhya Pradesh government?
  4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the world’s largest secure seed storage facility, lies on which country’s archipelago?
  5. Bob Iger recently ended his 15-year run as the CEO of which entertainment company?

Question No.2 is – As of February 2020, which country is India’s top trade partner?

Correct Answer is – Friends

Answer of Question No.3

Answer of Question No.4

Answer of Question No.5

***Note: Winning totally depends on your luck ***

How to play or participate in this quiz:-

1. First, download the Amazon app from the play store.
2. Make a new account or login with your existing account.
3. Go to “menu” option >> click on “program and features” >> clock on “fun zone”
Go to home scroll down and you will see the banner of “Amazon Quiz Time”.
4. Now you are on Amazon Quiz page Click on the top banner of which Quiz is running on.
5. Give the right answer to the given five questions and you are eligible for this contest.

important point:-

  • The quiz contest is only available on Amazon’s mobile application.
  • Amazon brings a new Quiz contact every day with different prizes and Questions.
  • All you have to do is give the correct answer of 5 questions and you will become eligible.
  • This quiz contest totally depends on your luck.
  • The result of this Quiz contest will come later this month.
  • Whoever will give something in this whole month will be notified to people through their email address.

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