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Divorce-Proof Your Relationship –  what couples can do to avoid divorce? Hundreds of books, articles, workshops and conferences have addressed the issue. But if there was a safe way to “divorce” the marriage test method, we would find it now. The truth is that it does not exist. But there are some things that couples can do to reduce the risk of divorce. Secondly, do not confuse the presence of risk factors for divorce, such as those I documented in my last post, while being sure of getting a divorce. I will tell you a well-kept secret: Experts are not good at predicting the probability that some couple will work on divorce. Good researchers in finding risk-associated variables in people’s samples. A higher risk is the highest risk but not much. (As low risk.) Thirdly, if people who are really at a very low risk of divorce do not care about this. If you and your spouse are doing well, and management issues with respect, they do not touch, and I was sure of a high level of mutual dedication and relaxation. Maybe the risk is very low. Of course, things can go wrong and wrong in ways that today can not be expected.


Divorce-Proof Your Relationship –  for individuals and couples. They are often couples and different strengths and happiness of their marriage outlook. So if you have any concerns, you can not be your partner. Also, you may find that your partner is not even interested in talking about these concerns. So, you may need to focus on what you can do, not about what two of you can do, at least for the time being. Which leads to a warning word: if you do not have serious worries, do not make your efforts to reinforce your marriage something that threatens it. If you are not interested in doing something different at the moment, it does not blow you a lot, unless there is a really big problem.


Divorce-Proof Your Relationship – Busy people, life gets tired and couples run. My colleague Howard Mark has always stressed how important it is to keep alive fun and friendship in a relationship. Sit and talk together to strengthen your marriage. Instead of trying to dig into deeper problems or bad past, I will focus on the positive steps that can take a couple of days to stay the best. I’m certainly not against conversations on more in-depth issues and history, but the best strategy for most couples is to focus on what you want to try together, together to promote and protect your marriage. If talking about how to push forward the reports work well for the two of you, you could sit and talk once a month about how to keep up. If you are in conflict or there is a deeper conflict, you will have to take things deeper and see some of the ideas that come.

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