Maya Shakti SadhanaMaya shakti sadhana can make you easy with all situation and condition and give you success everywhere. Using maya shakti sadhana you can remove unwanted enemy, you can make someone on right path who is on wrong path actually. Using maya shakti sadhana you can make everyone in favor and positive for you. By maya shakti sadhana you can make your family problem and dispute solved. All consider your words and follow your orders when you use the maya shakti mantra. But be careful and never misuse the mantra for any purpose. Maya shakti sadhana you should begin from friday night and end at next friday only. You can begin at mid night and seat on red cloth and wear red cloth after bath and seat facing west direction. Maya shakti mantra chanting you can do in siddh aasan or vajraasan only.


Procedure: Start the ritual in krishna paksh friday and end at next friday only. take bath at midnight, wear red cloth and seat on red aasan only, face west direction and wash the floor using water and make a triangle on the floor (view sample image) inside triangle keep a clay made pot in which fire will be blowing, now meditate and worship lord ganesha and than worship your gurudev properly and worship the maya shakti yantra also after that take water in your right hand and take sankalp and viniyog for doing maya shakti mantra sadhana for gaining power of illusion to control everyone.


Asya Maya Mantrashya Parbramh Rishih Tritoop Kchandah Parshakti Devta Pushkar Beezam Maya Keelakam Poorna Maya Prayog Siddhyarthe Jape Viniyogah

Now do the dhyan mantra and repeat it 7 times

Taapiksha Neelaaam Shar Chaap Hastaam Sarwadhikaam Shyam Rathadheerarushtam Namami Rudravasnen Lokaam Sarwaan Salokaampi Mohyamteem


Now worship kaali idol using the kumkum, kumkum colored rice pieces, red flowers, show guggul dhoop and incense stick, light a mustard oil lamp and show to goddess and offer kheer as bhog. keep  harebell fruit at all points of triangle and do 21 pranayaam using hreem beez mantra for each point of triangle. now mix lobaan and guggul together and do havan into the pot that you kept in center of inside triangle. total 216 aahuti you have to give into pot from the mantra written below.

|| Om Hreem Bhuhh Hreem Bhuwah Hreem Swah Hreem Shivaanghree Yugme Vinivisht Chittam Sarvesha Dristayo Hridayasya Baalam Ripunaam Nidraam Vivasham Karoti Mahamaaye Maam Pareeraksh Nityam Hreem Swah Hreem Bhuwahh Hreem Bhuhh Om Swaha ||

Now again recite dhyan mantra 7 times and pray to grant you mastery over maya shakti. Now take water in hand and say “i have done the ritual with my best, please take my mantra, my prayers and grant my wish soon, move water around triangle clockwise and pour it on the floor outside of triangle.

Pour some water on the floor, touch it from middle and ring finger and say om vishnuweh namah 3 times and touch fingers to your head both eyes, after that keep the kheer at outside near silent place. Rest will be same till next friday and you cannot remove triangle or kali idol or anything related to ritual from the place. Daily at same time you do your ritual and keep it continue without break and fear. at next friday when your last day will be end you will take all articles that you used into ritual and keep it at any silent place. Kali idol you will keep in worship room and daily worship her from the same mool mantra 108 times and use kumkum, red flower, guggul dhoop in the pooja.

When you have any important work or you want to control someone for benefic reasons, lets recite the mool mantra 7 times in dua pose and move your hands over face and all body than start the work or talk to the person for whom you want to use maya shakti. You will see how strange effects are coming and how all people getting change instantly and coming in favor.

Maya Shakti Yantra

Maya shakti yantra is beneficial for all those people who cannot do the ritual or not friendly with tantrik procedure. Maya shakti yantra is a combined kit where we provide energized maya yantra amulet to wear, some articles that also part of maya shakti to keep or hang on the shop or firm place. Some special instructions for worship that give influencing personality and make aura attractive and magnetic. These will be specially energized and created by your name. Once all get delivered to you you can get instructions from us using phone or email. Using the maya shakti yantra and articles you can also gain lot of benefits in business, career, growth and to have successful deals in business.

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