Are you facing any kind of problems in your life because of your enemy? Do you want to save yourself from your enemy? Are you searching for the prayers to expose your hidden enemies? Or wish to disgrace your enemy by some prayers? Moreover, also think that your enemy will not harm your other members of the family. In the heat of taking revenge from you.

Then you are in the right place. If you are looking for the prayers or any other kind of mantras. So you can save yourself from your enemy. Then we provide you the right soluti0ons and advice. Therefore, you can save yourself.

How enemies are create in the person’s life?

Well, creation of enemies does not lie in our hands. We usually come across various different kinds of situations in your life. Moreover, sometimes you yourself never know when you will create your enemies. For example, if you are a school going, child. Then there are many reasons that you create your enemies there. As they feel jealous of you. Because of your studies, achievement or your know-how in the school premises. Moreover, there are also various other reasons. Just because of thees you create your enemies. Most of the times unknowingly. Because no one wants him/herself surrounds by enemies all the time.

What are the ways to protect yourself from the enemies?

Well, there are various ways by which you can protect yourself from your enemies. Below we mention those ways:

  1. Keep a clean home. This includes closets, drawers, and spaces not so readily seen by all eyes. What these do are encourage good energies to reside or visit you, so that if there is an attack, there would have been good spirits already there to assist you, and this is through cleanliness. This is important, as simple as it sounds. If your house is dirty, not even your own ancestors will want to tarry there.
  2. Place a stick of match, unused, in your hair, if you do not have hair, then in your pocket, leave it there or replace whenever you change your cloth, fire is a mystery: Just be careful of putting yourself close to any open fire!
  3. Honor your ancestors, they will help you overcome your enemies, acknowledge them, call their names: If you do not have it already, keep or put a spiritual altar up in your home. Keep it clean and attend to it.
  4. Cook as much with garlic or keep cloves of garlic in a white saucer around the house. These staves off negative energies and malevolent spirits, (mind you it does not dissolve or drive away wicked beam. But it may alert you that negatives or negative things are coming if the smell of the garlic suddenly becomes very high in the house).

What are the mantras to protect your family from the enemies?

Well, sometimes your enemies want to take revenge from you. And usually, harm your family members. Because they know that you attach with them mostly in this world.

Therefore, to protect your family from the enemies. We provide you the mantras save yourself from enemy.

Goddess Durga is the Hindu mother of the universe. And is infinitely loving to all her children. it is said that without the blessings of the goddess Durga, nothing can be achieved in life. This mantra will grant Durga’s blessings.

How to do this mantra to shut the mouth of the enemy?

Sit in front of Durga statue at sunrise and recite the following mantra.

The mantra is:

||Aum maha-dhevyai cha vidmahe durgaiye cha dhimahe thanno dheve prachodayath||

What is the prayer for exposing the enemies?

Exposing the enemies of your soul is one of the hardest prayers. These enemies are satanic robbery whose aim is to silence destinies. The Bible says in Daniel 2:22, He reveals the deep and secret things: he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.

Envy and jealousy are common sins that breed witchcraft. It is very common for witches and envious people to exchange the destiny of people who are progressing awesomely. To expose hidden enemies are something we Christian must all aim at doing when praying. One of the best ways to know your secret enemies can be done through prayers. Sometimes, a person is likely to know through his spirit. There will be joy when the enemy of your progress is revealed.

What to do expose to all evil agendas?

  • You must be a born again Christian.
  • You must have sufficient power of the Holy Ghost.
  • Must adopt a habit of a fasting and prayer addict Christian.
  • Midnight prayer should be a strong habit.
  • You must set a trap for them.
  • You must be spiritually sensitive.
  • Stay away from anyone who does not fear God or obey His commandments.
  • Always keep your mouth whenever you are around this fake person or evil environment.


If you also feel that you face a lot of troubles because of your enemies. Moreover, wish to save yourself from your enemy. Contact us immediately.

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