Dhumavati Sadhana Dhumavati sadhana mantra is beneficial for removing any kind of black magic problem, ghost spirit attacks, to remove tantra mantra badha and to remove diseases and health issues, Dhumavati sadhana protect the devotee from all misfortune, trouble and specially receover from the black magic problem and diseases. Dhumavati mantra sadhana experience will be very different from other rituals that we have posted in our site because any god or goddess can give you the fortune, good luck, wealth but dhumavati devi take all your bad luck, misfortune, disease, trouble, poverty and throw it away from life permanent. Dhumavati sadhana also protect user from shani rahu ketu like planet curses which can make a native life so tensed and in sadhe sati and dhaiya of shani everyone suffer from so many problem that financial crises, poverty, health issues, court case and unwanted fear all the time and if native is going in rahu mahadasa and rahu is not well placed in horoscope so chances become higher to get captured by any negative energy like evil ghost spirit or native can become target of someone who use tantra mantra and black magic to defeat enemies. Dhumavati sadhana keep sadhak protect from all these situations and sadhak becomes fearless and live happy and healthy all the time. To start dhumavati sadhana you should begin from saturday night. Seat on the thick white cotton made aasan, keep facing south. Light the mustard oil lamp in front of you and prepare a wooden chair covered from white cloth (chauki) to keep dhumavati goddess photo in front of you. below her photo keep dhumavati yantra and worship do panchopchar poojan of goddess dhumavati and dhumavati yantra after that take sankalp and than start dhumavati sadhana mantra using rudraksha rosary. Daily do the ritual at same time and same place. To offer bhog to maa dhumavati you can serve spicy food cooked at home or you can buy readymade best quality spicy food from market to serve maa dhumavati. The offered bhog only you can eat after sadhana. Follow strict bramhcharya during sadhana time. Total 1,25,000 chants require to do for siddhi. after completing 1,25,000 dhumavati sadhana mantra you should do hawan from black peeper, black sesame, pure ghee and hawan materials.


|| Om Dhoom Dhoom Dhumavati Thah Thah Swaha ||

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Dhumavati Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Dhumavati mantra to remove black magic is also very effective ritual that remove all kind of evil spirit and ghost demon problem as in some country black magic is the most common problem and maximum people suffer from the black magic curse and ghost spirit attack. Dhumavati mantra to remove black magic not only remove the black magic and evil ghost spirit even it makes worshiper brave and fearless. Dhumavati sadhana to remove black magic you should start in dark moon night. At dark moon night you should take bath after 7pm and seat on black colored asan, face west direction. keep a wooden piece covered from black cloth. keep a silver plate and write dhoom (धूं) word over it using kaajal, now place energized dhumavati yantra over that plate, make three tilak over yantra using roli and now light a mustard oil lamp and worship the dhumavati yantra using flower, incense and showing lamp and speak viniyog for doing dhumavati mantra sadhana to remove black magic.

|| Asya shri dhumavati mahamantrasya piplaad rishih triwrata chandah shri jyeshtha dhumavati dhoom beezam dham keelakam mamaabhisht siddhyarthe jape viniyogah ||


Now You should wash your hands from water and do rishiyaadi nyas :

Piplaad Rishiyeh Namah Shirishi

Triwrath Chandase namah mukhe

shri jyeshtha dhumavati devtaayeh namah

dhoom beezam namah guhhye

Phat Shakti Namah Paadyoh

Viniyogah Namah Sarwaange

Now Do Karannyaas from below mantra

Dheem Shirishe Swaha

Dhoom Madhyamabhyaam Namah

Dhaim Anamikabhayam Namah

Dhoum Kanishthikabhayam Namah

Dhah Kartalkarprishthabhayam namah

Now do hridayaadi nyas from the mantra written below

Dham Hridayayeh Namah

Dheem Shirishe Swaha

Dhoom Shikhaye Vashat

Dhaim Kawachaya Hoom

Dhoum Netrayeh Vaushat

Dhah Astraye Phat 

Now keep flower, rice, black seame in hands and do dhyan mantra with respect

Vivarna Chanchala Krishna Dhirgha Cha Malimabara

Vimukt Kuntala Rukcha Vidhawa Viraldwawija

Kaakdhawaj Ratharudha Vilambeet Payodhara

Shurp Hastaati Rukchacha DhoomHasta Varaaniwataa

Prawradhaghora tu bhrasham kutila kutileshkchana

kchutpipaasaardeeta nityam bhayada kalahaaspada

Now after dhyan mantra sprinkle the rice, black sesame, flower over dhumavati yantra

now start doing the chanting of dhumavati mantra that written below

|| Dhoom Dhoom Tantra Mantra Badha Bhoot Pret Pisach Badha Naashaye Naashaye Thah Thah Phat ||

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